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This page lists the weapons in The Next Wave.
Name Present
Damage (Rookie)* Damage (Veteran) Damage (Rookie Tablet) Damage (Veteran Tablet) Damage (Rookie Mobile) Damage (Veteran Mobile) Max
Auto Firerate Points
Ion Blaster Red/Blue 1000 500 1500 990 2250 1490 6.5/s 3.125/s 1000
Neutron Gun Green/Blue 1250 625 1875 1237.5 2812.5 1862.5 5/s ~2.6/s 2000
Laser Cannon Orange/Blue 800 400 1200 792 1800 1192 8/s ~3.876/s 3000

* Damage is the damage per volley at ⚡10.
** Max Firerate is the rate at which you can shoot the most volleys per second.

The damage output is calculated through multipliers. For more info regarding them, go to this page.


Ion Blaster

The Ion Blaster starts with a single accelerating projectile, causing 100 damage. When you reach ⚡1, the bullet output is increased into two single shots. ⚡3 will cause the weapon to spread. On ⚡20, it shoots 7 double bullet shots. Arguably the best weapon for the Asteroid Belt and the first waves, but not recommended for boss levels, since it's hard to focus your shots unless you are really close to the boss, and later on, the chickens are much more tough than on the first waves. It's still recommended for the Mother-Hen Ship, as even though this weapon won't deal as much damage to it as the other weapons, it will make it easier to take down the Chickens that help it.

Neutron Gun

The Neutron Gun starts with a single weak neutron shot, causing 125 damage. It's the most powerful weapon in the game, however the neutron shots take the longest to reach an enemy, and it also has the worst fire rate. At ⚡20, it shoots three big and two medium-sized neutrons, causing very devastating 2750 damage (the highest damage per volley out of all regular weapons in the series!). Highly recommended for boss fights. It's not recommended to fire this weapon automatically.

Laser Cannon

The Laser Cannon blasts a thin red beam at its basic form, causing 80 damage. Equally good for normal waves and bosses, but it doesn't spread, and it's the weakest weapon of them all. It's the only weapon that instantly reaches enemies and it has the best fire rate. It only truly shines once ⚡20 is reached, where it blasts three large beams dealing 1800 damage, which makes it the second best damage dealing weapon in the game behind the Neutron Gun.

Other forms of damage

You can also damage things through other ways.



Missiles are a special weapon. They have to be obtained by collecting 25 Food units. Once you have atleast one Missile, you can shoot it using a special button (usually Enter/Right Mouse Button). Once it's fired, it will travel to the center of the screen where it will detonate, dealing 2500 damage to everything regardless of the current Difficulty level. In this game, it is able to kill every enemy that has currently spawned, regardless of whether they are onscreen or not. Because of that, it's the only weapon that will let you get Clean Sweep out of the Asteroid waves. If you limit their use to only certain waves, you may also get bonuses. Not using any missile in a chapter will let the UFO appear, which will then let you obtain a powerup. Not using any missile until Wave 60 will give you the Mystery bonus, which gives you 200000 points.

Crashing into enemies

You may also crash into enemies in this game to deal damage. Doing this deals 1000 damage (500 in Veteran, 1500 in Rookie Tablet, 990 in Veteran Tablet, 2250 in Rookie Mobile, and 1490 in Veteran Tablet), however it's not recommended as you will lose more than you will gain. It'll cause you to lose a life and get your firepower halved (or decreased by 5 above ⚡10).