Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave

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This page lists the weapons from Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave.

Name Color (of gift box) Damage (Rookie)* Damage .(Veteran)** Points
Ion Blaster Red/Blue 1000 500 10000
Neutron Gun Green/Blue 1250 625 20000
Laser Cannon Orange/Blue 720 360 30000
  • Damage is the damage per volley, damage per 2 volleys, or damage per 1.5 volleys at the 10th level of the weapons depending on the firing rate of the weapons.
  • Damage in Veteran is calculated by dividing the damage of the Rookie by half.


Ion Blaster 

Ion Blaster weapon starts with a single accelerating projectile, causing 100 damage. When it's upgraded, the bullet output is increased into two single shots. Fourth upgrade will cause the weapon to spread. When maximum charged, it shoots 7 double bullet shots. Good for especially Asteroid Belt chapter and first waves, but not recommended for boss levels, since it's hard to focus the shot unless you are really close to the enemy, and in late game, the chickens are significantly tougher than on first waves.

Neutron Gun 

Neutron Gun starts with a single weak neutron shot, causing 125 damage. It's the most powerful weapon in the game. At its maximum power it shoots three strong and two normal neutrons, causing very devastating 2750 damage. Highly recommended for boss fights. It's not recommended to fire this weapon automatically.

Laser Cannon 

The Laser Cannon blasts a red thin beam (damage same as Ion Blaster) at its basic form, causing 80 damage. Equally good for normal waves and bosses, but it doesn't spread too much, and it's the weakest weapon of them all. When fully powered, it shoots three large beams which do 1800 damage, which is quite big, but not as big as Neutron Gun.

Other forms of damage

You can also damage things through other ways. It's interesting to note that missiles deal the same damage in rookie as they do in veteran.

Name Damage (Rookie) Damage .(Veteran)
Missile 2500 2500
Crashing into enemy 1000 500

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