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The Next Wave Online is vastly different from the normal game, and shares a big resemblance to Chicken Invaders. Every five waves you get a notice to buy the full game, which you can skip to progress further.


Lots of 'em!

  • Just like Chicken Invaders, only one weapon is available, the Ion Blaster. It's different in some regards, such as the amount of Power Levels.
  • Chickens always have red vests.
  • You start with three lives.
  • Extra lives can be obtained by collecting 100 drumsticks.
  • It never ends, just like Chicken Invaders
  • Only drumsticks are dropped.
  • There are no Missiles.
  • Firepower is upgraded through yellow-red Presents.
  • The menu only has a play button and two options - 'Play Sound' and 'High Detail'. There's also the "Get deluxe version!" button, which redirects you to the game's page on GameHouse's site.
  • With each system, the Chickens are faster, their health increases, they drop eggs faster, and the eggs themselves go faster.
  • Your ship is able to be destroyed by a splatted egg if you are at the bottom of the screen and you shoot. 
  • Firepower can't be upgraded after the final level, meaning that dying will always revert you to the 5th Power Level.


Wave X1 - First Contact

Single Chicken appears from top of the screen. Every system, another chicken is added.

Wave X2 - Classic Invasion

Identical to its normal game counterpart.

Wave X3 - Paratroopers!

Chickens with umbrellas fall down from top of the screen. Shooting them once will result in destroying the umbrella. It's mostly identical to its normal game counterpart, except for that it goes on for much longer.

Wave X4 - Meteor Shower

Asteroids arrive from the right corner of the screen. In middle of this wave, they start to appear from the opposite corner.

Wave X5 - Classic Invasion

Identical to Wave X2, however Chickens arrive much faster.

Wave X6 - Hatching Chicks

Identical to it's normal game counterpart. Huge eggs fall from the top of the screen. Destroying them makes them spawn a Chicken. 

Wave X7 - Asteroids!

Identical to it's normal game counterpart. A huge asteroid appears on the screen, and destroying it will result in three medium-sized asteroids spawning. After each medium-sized asteroid is destroyed, another three small asteroids spawn.

Wave X8 - Classic Invasion

Identical to Wave X2, except for that Chickens arrive from the bottom of the screen.

Wave X9 - Just passing through

This wave is strangely similar to Wave 18 - We're surrounded! in Revenge of the Yolk. Chickens arrive from the bottom left corner of the screen and fly around in a circle until they leave.

Wave X10 - Show 'em who's boss!

Big Chicken fights you. Beating it gives you a bunch of drumsticks and sometimes a Present.


The game surprisingly has a Christmas edition. The changes are almost identical to The Next Wave's Christmas edition.


  • Chickens wear a Santa hat.
  • Leaves instead of drumsticks.
  • Ornaments instead of eggs that chickens drop.
  • Ice comets instead of asteroids.
  • Big Chickens now wear a santa suit.
  • The GUI is colored red.


The game's pretty easy to find online, but if you can't find them anyways, here are the links.