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Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave Online Version is vastly different from the normal game, and shares a big resemblance to the game's predecessor. Every five waves you get a notice to buy the full game, which you can skip to progress further.


Lots of 'em!

  • Only one weapon - Ion Blaster.
  • Chickens always have red vests.
  • Only 3 lifes, however you can randomly get one around every 200,000 points.
  • Every 10 waves it repeats, just like CI1.
  • Only chicken legs are dropped.
  • There are no missiles.
  • Firepower is upgraded through yellow-red presents.
  • There are 9 levels of firepower instead of usual 12.
    • 0, 1st and 2nd levels are identical to their normal version counterparts.
    • 3rd level shoots 2 dual-bullets instead of three spread.
    • 4th level shoots 1 triple bullet and two bullets on side.
    • 5th level shoots 3 dual-bullets, one on front and two on sides.
    • 6th level shoots 2 dual-bullets on sides and a triple bullet on front.
    • 7th level shoots 2 triple bullets on sides and a dual-bullet on front.
    • 8th level shoots 3 triple bullets, one on fornt and two on sides.
  • The menu has only a play button and two options - "Play Sound" and "High Detail". There's also "Get deluxe version!" button, which redirects you to the game's page on Gamehouse's site.
  • As with CI1, with each "Chapter" chickens are faster, their health increases, they drop eggs faster, and the eggs themselves are faster.
  • Your ship is able to be destroyed by a splatted egg if you are at the bottom of the screen and you shoot. 


Wave X1 - First Contact

Single chicken appears from top of the screen. Every "chapter", another chicken is added.

Wave X2 - Classic Invasion

Identical to it's normal game counterpart.

Wave X3 - Paratroopers!

Chickens with umbrellas fall down from top of the screen. Shooting them once will result in destroying the umbrella. It's mostly identical to it's normal game counterpart.

Wave X4 - Meteor Shower

Asteroids fly from right corner of the screen. In midddle of this wave, asteroids change to fly in opposite direction.

Wave X5 - Classic Invasion

Copy of Wave X2.

Wave X6 - Hatching Chicks

Identical to it's normal game counterpart. Eggs fall from top of the screen. Destroying them results in freeing a chicken from it. 

Wave X7 - Asteroids!

Identical to it's normal game counterpart. Big asteroid appears on the screen, and destroying it will result in three medium-sized asteroids spawning. After each medium-sized asteroid is destroyed, three small asteroids spawn.

Wave X8 - Classic Invasion

Yet another copy of Wave X2.

Wave X9 - Just passing through

This wave is strangely similar to Wave 18 - We're surrounded! in Revenge of the Yolk.

Wave X10 - Show 'em who's boss!

Big Chicken fights you. Beating it gives you a bunch of chicken legs and sometimes a present.

Christmas Edition

The game has, surprisingly, a Christmas edition. Changes are almost identical to CI2's Christmas edition.


  • Chickens wear a Santa hat.
  • Leaves instead of drumsticks.
  • Ornaments instead of eggs that chickens drop.
  • Ice comets instead of asteroids.
  • Big Chickens now wear a santa suit.
  • GUI colors are red.


The game's pretty easy to find online, but if you can't find them anyways, here are the links.

Play Normal

Play Christmas