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This page lists enemies and bosses present in The Next Wave.


Ordinary Chickens

CI2Chicken ParachuteChicken

Chapter Number * 100 (Umbrellas have the same amount of health)
Very Common
Ocasionally shoot an egg

Reward: 1-2 different units of Food, rarely 15-20 Coins

Points: 900 + Chapter Number * 100 + vest color * 100 (0 - red, 1 - orange/blue, 2 - yellow, 3 - green, 4 - cyan, 5 - blue, 6 - purple, 7 - pink)

Description: Ordinary Chickens are the most common Chicken troops you'll get to fight and your main threat. Their attack is simple - shoot an egg downward. Although they might seem quite easy, their real strength lies in their sheer numbers. In most of the waves you'll get to fight hordes of these, all ready to shoot an egg at your face, and this gets harder in the later sections of each game, as their eggs become faster and get shot at a quicker pace.

They're also very versatile, being capable of doing numerous things, such as homing in on you, holding onto umbrellas or being inside huge eggs.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're normal Chickens that wear a vest. They however look much more blockier and simplistic than they do in the later games.

The Christmas edition gives them Christmas hats.


AsteroidCI2 AsteroidRedCI2

100 * Chapter Number + 400 (if it's a smaller one) or 800 (if it's a bigger one)
None, Wave X8 Asteroids are able to split into smaller ones

Reward: Rarely 15-20 Coins

Points: 500

Description: Asteroids are rogue rocks floating in space. Asteroids usually fly in a straight line, or bounce back in most of X8 waves. Although they don't have an attack of their own, they still can be pretty dangerous. They appear the most often in Waves X4 and X8, and they also have a chapter entirely dedicated to them, where you have to go through the Asteroid Belt.

Appearance: They are asteroids. Nothing more can be said here. After the Asteroid Belt, they will turn red.

The Christmas edition changes the pre-Asteroid Belt asteroids to snow comets, and post-Asteroid Belt asteroids to ice comets.



100 * Chapter Number

Reward: An Ordinary Chicken

Points: 6200

Description: Those bigger eggs appear in certain waves, where they are mostly harmless. When you attempt to shoot at them however, they will release an Ordinary Chicken that was hiding inside of it.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're just huge eggs.

The Christmas edition doesn't change them.



Shooting a purple ion downward

Reward: Powerups

Points: 10000

Description: Those special enemies appear only in Wave X9. There, if you haven't used a missile in the chapter yet, it will spawn. It will then attempt to fly to the right, shooting purple ions on the way. It gets faster the further you are in the game.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're just UFOs.

The Christmas edition turns them into Santa's sleighs.


Big Chicken


8500 (Chapter 2); 14500 (Chapter 8); 16500 (Chapter 10)
Shooting eggs in a quick succession

Reward: 10-20 units of Food or Powerups

Points: 50000 + 50 per hit

Description: Those are Big Chickens returning from Chicken Invaders. They are the bigger and tougher versions of Chickens. They use only one attack, which is shooting eggs at a faster rate than regular Chickens.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're Big Chickens wearing a green vest with a splatted egg on it.

The Christmas edition makes them wear santa clothes.

Sarge Chicken


5000 (Chapter 1); 7000 (Chapter 3); 9000 (Chapter 5); 13000 (Chapter 9)
Shooting three purple ions at the bottom of the screen

Reward: 10 units of Food or Powerups

Points: 25000

Description: The Sarge Chickens are completely new, and even though they're closer in size to a Chickenaut than a regular Big Chicken, they're still rather dangerous. Their only attack is shooting three purple ions at the bottom of the screen like this - / | \. After doing it, it flies somewhere.

Appearance:They're Big Chickens (closer in size to Chickenauts) wearing military clothing.

The Christmas edition turns them into snowmen.

Mother-Hen Ship


10000, 10000 (20000 total) (Chapter 4)
10000, 10000, 15000, 20000 (55000 total) (Chapter 7)
10000, 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, 30000, 35000 (145000 total) (Chapter 7)
Shoots 4 purple omnidirectional ions, later on 8, then 16, then shooting 7 right at the player. Also able to summon Chickens.

Reward: Powerups every time when cracked

Points: ???

Description: This is the main boss of the game, and it's very tough. You will have three encounters with it, the first one in Chapter 4 ending on the second crack, the second one in Chapter 7 ending on the fourth crack, and the third one in Chapter 11 where it's completely destroyed.

As for its attacks, it shoots 4 purple omnidirectional ions at the beggining. After few hits, you crack it's shell a bit, it calls 5 chickens and as of now it shoots 8 purple omnidirectional ions. Doing that again results in it calling 21 chickens to help itself, and now shooting whooping 16 purple omnidirectional ions. Doing it third time results in it losing it's shell completely and enabling it to move around the area. Not only does it do that now, but it also shoots 7 purple lasers at you! Luckily, it doesn't have too much health left at this point. Now serving the final hits will finish it off completely. You win!

Appearance: It's a huge egg. Once its shell is removed, it is revealed to be a huge metallic egg-shaped ship.

The Christmas edition adds a ribbon to the egg.