Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk

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Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk Yahoo Version is pretty much identical to mobile versions of the game with few little differences. It's very rare to find anything about it, since it's not as known as the Gamehouse Version.


  • Hero's dialogue text is white.
  • Slightly different transitions between chapters.
  • A shorter version of the Main Theme is used.
  • Menu Screen is a bit different (Only in the version on Yahoo)
    • Button with a Chicken Burger that moves you to their website
    • On the right, a button that will allow you to download this version on your PC
    • On the left, buttons to mobile versions
  • Cutscenes are absent except for moving between chapters.
  • Tips that inform you about buttons for pausing and shooting a Missile.
  • The music for the Yolk-Star uses the title music instead of its own.
  • The animation for the Firepower atom and the weapon boxes is choppy.
  • On the Asteroids waves, the animation for the asteroids is choppy, and they are red instead of grey.
  • Almost every chapter in the game uses the first chapter's music, except Comet Chase and Meteor Storm (which those chapters use the title screen music, so does the final chapter.)


There are two websites where you can play it:

On Yahoo (which is now deleted) and on Yepi.


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