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Revenge of the Yolk Yahoo Version is pretty much identical to the mobile versions of the game with few little differences. It's very rare to find anything about it, since it's not as known as the Gamehouse Version.


  • The Hero's dialogue text is white.
  • Cutscenes only show the travelling across the Milky Way part.
  • Many sounds are missing, including most Big Chicken sounds.
  • A shorter version of the Main Theme is used.
  • The menu is a bit different:
    • Above the bottom border of the screen is a button with a burger icon that redirects you to the InterAction studios website.
    • On the right side of the screen there is a button that will allow you to download this version on your PC. The link it redirects you to is no longer available.
    • On the left side of the screen there are links to the store pages for mobile versions.
  • Cutscenes are absent except for moving between chapters.
  • New tips that inform you about buttons for pausing and shooting a Missile.
  • The Yolk-Star™ uses the title screen music instead of its own.
  • The animation for the Atomic Powerup and the Gifts has less frames.
  • On the Asteroids waves, the animation for the Asteroids has less frames, and they are always red.
  • Almost every chapter in the game uses the first chapter's music, except Comet Chase, Meteor Storm, and the final chapter. They use the title screen music.


InterAction studios still hosts a version of it on their website. You can access it here.