Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk

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This page lists the weapons of Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk.

Name Overheat * Damage * Points
Ion Blaster 7100*2*5 = 10001 000
Neutron Gun 113*500+2*300 = 21002 000
Laser Cannon 6400*3+300*2 = 18003,000
Vulcan Chaingun 6180*4=7204 000
Lightning Fryer 13495*2=9905 000
Plasma Rifle 414006 000
*Utensil Poker 15450*5=22507 000
  • Overheat is calculated by pressing the button and letting the weapons fire automaticly.
  • Damage is the damage per second at the 10th level of the weapons (weapons are further improved at level 20).

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