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Revenge of the Yolk Online is wastly different from the normal game (unlike the Flash version), and shares a big resemblance to Chicken Invaders.


  • The only weapon that can be used is the yellow colored Ion Blaster.
  • The yellow Ion Blaster makes the same sound as the Neutron Gun when shooting.
  • Chickens have always green clothing.
  • You start with three lives.
  • The mechanism of obtaining lives is different. Instead of collecting points, you need to collect 100 Food Units.
  • Every 10 waves it repeats.
  • Only drumsticks are present. They still give Food Units, but they're used for a different purpose.
  • There are no Missiles.
  • Firepower is upgraded through yellow-red Presents.
  • There are 9 levels of firepower instead of usual 12.
  • Firepower can't be upgraded after the final level, meaning that dying will always revert you to the 5th Power Level.
  • The menu has only a play button and two options - "Play Sound" and "High Detail".
  • As with Chicken Invaders, with each system the Chickens are faster, they drop eggs faster, and the eggs themselves go faster. Asteroids also get faster.


Wave X1 - Classic Invasion

Identical to it's normal version counterpart.

Wave X2 - Pop till they drop

Chickens with balloons drop from top of the screen. They always hold five balloons, and only one shot is enough to pop them all. This wave is basically a reskin of the Paratroopers! wave from The Next Wave Online.

Wave X3 - Asteroid Storm

Red asteroids are falling from a random angle (45 degrees to the left or 45 degrees to the right) on top of the screen. In middle of the wave, the asteroids start to spawn from the opposite direction.

Wave X4 - Double Trouble

Identical to Wave X1, however Chickens arrive much faster.

Wave X5 - Do the Chicken Huddle!

Chickens in square groups of four fly to random point on-screen, and stay.

Wave X6 - Close Encounters

UFOs of random sizes fly from the left border of the screen to the right one. They drop eggs instead of shooting lasers.

Wave X7 - Treble Trouble

Yet again, identical to Wave X1, however Chickens arrive from the bottom of the screen.

Wave X8 - Chicken Harmonics

Identical to its normal version counterpart, but the Chickens here fly in a slalom, and groups arrive starting from the top instead of from the bottom.

Wave X9 - Bonus Challenge!

Silver Chests of random sizes fall down. They only give you score instead of coins, and have a chance to drop a Present.

Wave X10 - Show 'em who's boss!

A special version of the U.C.O. arrives without any arm parts. It behaves like a Big Chicken, flying around and "laying" eggs. Once destroyed, it spawns drumsticks and sometimes a Present.


The game's easy to find online, but if you can't find it anyways, click here.