Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk

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This page lists the enemies you will encounter while playing Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk.



The typical enemy. Chickens fly around dropping eggs at you. There are also checkered chickens that, when killed, drop 3 big gold coins (except the final chapter).

Egg Ships

Egg Ships are like rocket ships, but they fire eggs at you from the bottom end.

Egg Drones

Egg Drones are enemies that have a fast laser attack. They light up when they're about to attack, so if you hear a beep, secure yourself.


These missiles only appear in two waves. They don't shoot, they are just flying toward you.

Alien Ships

These enemies look like Flying Saucers that are being flown by chickens. They move horizontally and shoot 3 bolts down.

They vary in size, but the attacks are the same.


They are only moving forward, they can't change direction.

They change appearance in the X-mas version of Revenge of the Yolk. They look like snowballs.


They appear in the stage "Comet Chase". If you shoot them, you'll might get some coins or a power-up.

They get smaller and fly faster when the warp speed gradually increases.



If you want a more detailed description with pictures, click on the their names, or watch these videos:

Normal edition

Christmas edition

Easter edition

Big Chicken

The first boss in the game. It behaves just like a normal chicken, but it has more health. When the fight starts you will have the Lightning Fryer weapon at Level 10.

The Big Chicken has 50000 health.

U.C.O. #1

Unidentified Chicken Object. It looks like a big space ship. It is flying around the screen and when it stops it attacks with 2 slow, green lasers and a fast, red laser. The green lasers are fired to your position and the red laser is instantly fired to a random spot in the map.

(Different versions of Chicken Invaders 3, mostly the mobile ones have different attack patterns for the 1st U.C.O.)

Pattern Version 1: Green lasers and Red laser, Green lasers, Green lasers and Red laser.

Pattern Version 2: Red laser, Green lasers, Red laser.

The first U.C.O. has 20000 health.

Mother-Hen Ship

It is a giant egg. It attacks with omnidirectional purple lasers and it has several stages where you break it's shell, giving bonuses and making it fire more purple lasers.

Mother-Hen Ship has 40500 health.

Sweater Chicken

It looks like a huge chicken but it has brown clothes. There are several stages where you tear it's clothes off, as the levels pass, you tear more clothes out from it until you leave it completely stripped. Attacks are omnidirectional eggs. Will attack faster the later chapter you encounter it on.

The first encounter has 64250 health, the second one has 122500 health, and the third one has 210000 health.

'U.C.O.' #2

Second version of the U.C.O. It doesn't have any weapons that the first one has. It has 4 Egg shooting cannons, the fired eggs are aimed to your current position.

This U.C.O. has 80000 health.

Mysterious Ship

It looks like an armored Mother-Hen Ship. It moves randomly around the screen, and when it stops it shoots four green lasers (up, down, left and right). Named "Iron-Hen Ship" by Chickenbreakfast129. People usually call it "Metal Egg".

The Mysterious Ship has 90000 health.


Two Big Chickens fly around the screen and drop eggs. Similar to the prologue boss.

The twins have 60000 health each.

'U.C.O.' #3

Third version of the U.C.O. It has the same red laser like the first one, but instead of the slow, green lasers it has 4 fast, purple lasers, the purple lasers are fired to your position.

This U.C.O. has 140000 health.


Four Big chickens. They behave and act like "Twins" and the prologue boss.

Each clone has 40000 health.

U.C.O. #4

Fourth version of the U.C.O. It has 2 Green lasers, 2 Red lasers and 2 Egg cannons. It doesn't have Purple lasers like the third version.

This U.C.O. has 180000 health.

The Yolk-Star™

Final boss in the game. On the first phase, it attacks with 4 Cannons shooting a sky blue version of the Positron Stream. On the second phase, it's a yolk-like boss that floats randomly around the screen.

It's first phase has 400000 health, while the second one has 200000 health.


Chicken Invaders 3 Easter All Bosses ENDING07:52

Chicken Invaders 3 Easter All Bosses ENDING

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