Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side

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This page is a list of Weapons in Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side

Name Color (of gift box) Overheat * Damage (Rookie)* Damage



(Superstar Hero)**

Ion Blaster Red71000 500 333.3331,000
Neutron Gun Green122,100 1,050 7002,000
Laser Cannon Orange71,800 900 6003,000
*Vulcan Chaingun Blue/Cyan7720 360 2404,000
Lightning Fryer Cyan/White9990 494 3305,000
*Plasma Rifle Dark Purple41,400 700 466.66666,000
*Utensil Poker Gray152250 1125 7507,000
Boron Railgun Yellow7900 450 3008,000
Photon Swarm Blue6800 400 266.66679,000
Positron Stream Purple/Pink6750 375 25010,000
Hypergun Black/Blue6.51,050 525 35011,000
Riddler Cyan/Pink 17 560 280 186.6667 12,000
Corn Shotgun Brown/Yellow143000 1500 100013,000
  • Overheat is calculated by pressing the button and letting the weapons fire automaticaly.
  • Damage is the damage per volley, damage per 2 volleys, or damage per 1.5 volleys at the 10th level of the weapons depending on the firing rate of the weapons.
  • Requires Utensil Poker unlockable
  • Requires Vulcan Chaingun unlockable
  • Requires Plasma Rifle unlockable
  • Damage in Veteran is calculated by dividing the damage of the Rookie by half
    • Damage in Superstar Hero is calculated by dividing the damage in Rookie by three.


Ion Blaster (1,000 points)

Ion Blaster weapon starts with a single accelerating projectile, causing a damage of 100. When it's upgraded, the bullet output is increased into two single shots. Fourth upgrade will cause the weapon to spread. When maximum charged, it shoots 7 double bullet shots (200 each, totalling 1400). Good for especially Feather Fields or Supernova Explosion chapters, but not recommended for boss levels, since it's hard to focus the shot unless you are really close to the enemy.

Neutron Gun (2,000 points)

The basic weapon starts with a single weak neutron shot. It has more power than any weapons (second only to Utensil Poker). At its maximum power it shoots 5 big neutrons causing a damage of 500 each (2500 total). Highly recommended for boss fights. It has a low heat (second only to Utensil Poker), and it's not recommended to fire this weapon automatically.

Laser Cannon (3,000 points)

The Laser Cannon blasts a red thin beam (100 damage, same as Ion Blaster) at its basic form. When powered, the damage increases up to 400 per beam (2000 total) and a minor spread shot. Overheats rather quicky, even in semi-automatic.

Vulcan Chaingun (4,000 points)

The basic form shoots alternating bullets (left and right) and when increased in power the weapon synchronises its shots. When maximum charged, it shoots vulcan 5 projectiles. Aside of Ion Blaster, Photon Swarm and possibly Utensil Poker, it's a recommended weapon to use in Feather Fields or Supernova Explosion chapters, but not bosses. It has a rather low damage (perhaps the lowest of all). The box colour is dark blue

Lighting Fryer (5,000 points)

The basic form has a weak lightning bolt. As the weapon increases the power, it's power increases, In 6th upgrade, the weapon splits into two weak lightning bolts. The maximum power has 3 lightning bolt. It can auto aim, very low overheat (if semi-automatic), medium (autofire). The box color is teal box with cyan ribbon at the debut, and at the 4th game, it has a pale cyan with white ribbon.

Plasma Rifle(6,000 points)

The Plasma Rifle has a high damage (up to 1600 when maximum charged), however when fired automatically, this weapon overheats very quickly. It's recommended to use the weapon in semi-automatic instead. At the first appearance, it has a magenta box, but in UO and COTDS, the box recolored dark purple (magenta is taken for Positron Stream)

Utensil Poker(7,000 points)

Appeared as an unlockable, this weapon has the destruction capabilty of Neutron Gun and spreading capability of an Ion Blaster. In the 3rd game, this weapon appeared starting in Scutum-Crux Arm. It's maximum power has five large forks (450 damage) with additional 2 small forks (300 damage). It's possible for players to see the basic form of the weapon (if players die repeatedly in ROTY, or having Weapons Rush activated in UO or COTDS ), it has a basic form of firing a single spreading fork. The box's appearance is gray with black ribbon.

Boron Railgun(8,000 points)

Similar to the Vulcan Chaingun but gold-yellow. 5 rays dealing 150 (750 combined) damage per shot at full power. Slightly Stronger, quicker and faster than The Vulcan Chaingun. one blast per shot, but Quicker. No spread and low overheat, although it adds up very quickly in full auto. good against weak lined up enemies.

Photon Swarm(9,000 points)

The Photon Swarm is the weakest weapon in the game, however when it's fully charged the weapon has a VERY high fire rate. It always fires 4 bullets In a wave regardless of power level. When powered, the firing rate increases up to a point it reaches the maximum power the projectiIes turn from blue to orange.Very highly recommended for Feather Fields or supernova Explosion chapters.

Positron Stream(10,000 points)

A single powerful purple beam that incinerates chickens and machinery. It works similar to the Lightning Frier & the Plasma Rifle, except for lower overall damage and higher firing speed. It has 650 damage at full power. The streams bend to make a N shape although this has no effect. It has slight auto-aim. No spread and instant hit. Good against a few strong enemies, bonus damage against barriers.

Hypergun(11,000 points)

A gun that is similar with the Boron Railgun and Vulcan Chaingun, at the very first level it will fire a single bullet dealing 150, at max power it will fire 7 bullets each dealing 150, it has a good firing rate so its good for some bosses and waves, however it also overheats fast (especially at max power) so take caution, it also forms some slight patterns when fired automatically.

Riddler(12,000 points)

The Riddler is one of the good guns in the game, at powers level 1-6 it will fire 5-8 bullets dealing 80 in a spreading motion, at max power it will fire 8-10 bullets each dealing 80 in a straight way (instead of spread fire), it also overheats really slow so manual firing is not recommended, it will also deflect feathers instantly, also good for some waves and bosses.

Corn Shotgun(13,000 points)

A gun that fires 5-6 corn shots in a spreading motion that deals 400 each, at the very first level it has a VERY slow firing rate but at max power it will fire very fast and smooth and overheats slowly, good for some bosses and waves, however this can also confuse your eyes since it "deflects" visually so take caution when using this weapon.

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