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Cluck of the Dark Side has a total of 120 waves, which is the same amount as in Ultimate Omelette (opposed to the first game's infinite, The Next Wave's 110 and Revenge of the Yolk's 121). The game has 12 chapters, each has 10 waves, with a boss battle at every 10th wave.

Chapter 1: A Shot in the Dark

This is the starting chapter of the game, with the easiest sets of waves. The beginning cutscene shows the Milky Way, and then zooms in to the Solar System, with our Hero attempting to order a "World Savior" special. Then the Sun suddenly darkens, and after some advice given from the narrator, the Hero proceeds to fight the Henterprise.

Wave 1: First Impressions

This wave starts with 4 chicks entering the screen (this is called a "group"). After the 4 chicks are killed, another group has a chicken surrounded by 8 chicks. The final group consists of 4 chickens surrounded by 12 chicks.

Wave 2: Rectangular Layouts

4 rows of chickens and chicks (2 chick rows and 2 chicken rows, 16 chicks + 16 chickens). A 2x2 group of 2 chicks and 2 chickens rotate counter-clockwise every ~1.2 seconds.

Wave 3: Pedal to the Medal

16 "Level 1 Barriers" enters the screen, along with 16 chickens. Once all the chickens are killed, any remaining barriers disappear after about 3-4 seconds. (this rule also applies to some waves, called the "Disappearing Barrier Rule")

Wave 4: Amphitheatrics

8 groups of chicks and chickens (4 chick groups and 4 chicken groups) enter from the top, but only 4 groups will be present. Once a group is killed, a new group enters. The 1st group comprises of 3 chicks, while the 8th and final group, 13 chickens.

Wave 5: Satellite Fly-by

The first ever Satellite Fly-by comprises of 12 "Level 4 Barriers" and an Alien Container, no chickens are present, and the container in this wave has 4,000HP. After destroying the container, the Disappearing Barrier Rule will take place.

Wave 6: Surfing the Wave

This wave has 4 groups of multiple chicks and chickens "sub-groups". (a small group within a larger group, like 3 chicks in a large group) 2 groups emerge from the left side of the screen, the other 2 comes from the right.

Wave 7: Caged Animals

This wave has 5 groups, each group consisting of a chicken and 4 chicks "caged" (but more preferably, protected) within 8 "Level 1 Barriers". Only 2 cages can appear at once and the Disappearing Barrier Rule works differently, the barriers disappear instantaneously after the chickens are killed in a cage.

Wave 8: Black Hole Skipping

3 black holes appear and 3 groups travel through the black holes. However, like the Amphithreatrics and Caged Animals, only a limited amount of group(s) can appear at once, only 1 group can appear at once.

Wave 9: Spin Class

This wave allows the Hero to fire to the right. At the sides, are 2 different groups of chicks, chickens and Level 1 Barriers (at this point, we do not use " for the barriers now). Each group spins clockwise every 4-6 seconds. The Disappearing Barrier Rule takes place as normal.

Wave 10: Henterprise Hencounter

"Get over here!" - Hero

This is the 1st Henterprise encounter. The Henterprise (60,000 HP) enters the screen from the top, the Hero now faces upwards and then, the Henterprise fires it's Red Beam, then afterwards, Purple Lasers. The Henterprise will proceed to attack in this pattern until it has retreated: Black Feathers -> Egg Launch -> Chick Wobble

Chapter 2: Mad Madam Maddame

The cutscene begins with the narrator explaining the millions of feathers in the vicinity of the Sun. The Hero asks for a space janitor, but the narrator cuts off his lazy thirst of burgers by explaining that this task is "beyond 1,000 janitors", and tells the Hero to work his way to Mad Madam Madamme. And then he exits the Solar System.

Wave 11: Interchangeable Parts

This wave introduces UFO Chicks and Level 2 Barriers, and has 2 groups. Each group has multiple chicks and several chickens, along with a UFO Chick surrounded by 4 spinning Level 2 Barriers. Some chicks and chickens move from group to group. The Disappearing Barrier Rule takes place as normal.

Wave 12: Interdimensional Portals

A Portal comes from the top of the screen and stays at the middles. It summons 3 groups of 2 sub-groups, each sub-group has 10 chick and chickens. In total, there're 60 chick and chickens.

Wave 13: Raise the Curtain

3 groups come from the top of the screen. The first group consists of entirely chicks, the seconds has some chickens replacing some chicks and the third and final group is full of chickens. Any surviving chickens leaves by going to the left and right side of the screen.

Wave 14: Taking Turns

4 groups enter the screen. Each group has 10 chickens and 2 eggs (an egg has a chicken). All the groups rotate clockwise 5 seconds after they entered the screen and after that, moves every 5 seconds.

Wave 15: Satellite Fly-by

Same with Wave 5. However, in-between 2 barriers, there's a group of 5 chicks. In total, there're 15 chicks. The Disappearing Barrier Rule acts as normal, but only when the Alien Container leaves when all chicks are killed. A chick present stops the barriers from disappearing.

Wave 16: Bow Ties are Cool

3 groups of 2 sub-groups enter the left and right side of the screen. On the 1st and 3rd group, chicks come from the left, and chickens from the right. However, this is the opposite case for Group 2.

Wave 17: Energy Fences

7 groups of 4 chickens and 4 Level 3 Barriers come from the top. In-between 2 chickens (and barriers) has a purple electrical line that switches on and off at limited intervals. Note that to deactivate a line, you have to kill both the chicken and barrier supporting that line.

Wave 18: Popcorn

"Turn up the Heat!" - Hero 3 groups of corns come from the left and right side. A corn have to be pushed upwards to a heat source to "cook" it until it finally pops and releases an array of popcorns. The first group has 3 corns, 4 corns for the 2nd and the final one, 5 corns.

Wave 19: Pulsating Grid

2 groups of chicks and chickens cover most of the screen, leaving only the middle as the Hero's safe zone. Once a chick is killed, a chicken takes it's place. 4 bombs appear in the corners, and once a bomb is hit, another takes it place also.

Wave 20: Special Forces

"That's not a knife... THAT's a knife!" - Hero

The Military Chicken (80,000HP) enters the screen. At first, it begins to use it's 4 Grenades attack, and then fires 2 knifes that passes through you if you stay absolutely still.

Tip - Stay away from the bottom from the screen. Everybody knows that grenades explode but the explosion can harm you.

Also, if you're trapped, STAY ABSOLUTELY STILL if the knives are thrown. Stick to your location, wait patiently and you're safe.

Chapter 3: The Blade of Revolution

The cutscene shows the Hero talking to Madam Maddame, with a couple of funny dialogues, and during the part where Madam Maddame reveals the part of Humanity's Greatest Fan, the narrator convinces the Hero to fly to Epsilon Thalassus and retrieve the Blade of Revolution. The Hero then departs.

Wave 21: Waving in the Breeze

6 chick groups and 6 chicken groups enter the screen. A chick group has 5 chicks, a chicken group has an egg (which contains a chicken), 3 chickens and a Level 2 Barrier. The Disappearing Barrier Rule (from now, it will be abbreviated to D.B.R.) takes place as normal.

Wave 22: Chick Gatling Gun

Chickens and Chicks fly vertically, while Chick Gatling Gun makes it's first appearance.

Wave 23: Do the backstroke!

Chicks and chickens do the backstroke.

Wave 24: Spawning Trouble

|Interdimensional Portals spawn differently

Wave 25: Satellite Fly-by

Same with Wave 5. However, in-between 2 barriers, there's a group of 9 chicks. In total, there're 27 chicks. The Disappearing Barrier Rule acts as normal, but only when the Alien Container leaves when all chicks are killed. A chick present stops the barriers from disappearing.

Wave 26: To Infinity and Beyond

Chicks and Chickens fly to make a infinity-like shape, then fly away. After that, it happens second time, but now Chicks are replaced by Barriers.

Wave 27: Four-Lane Merge

Chickens are going like lanes.

Wave 28: Bend it like Beckhen

Chickens are throwing Soccer Balls at you. This happens four times, with each time having four more chickens.

Wave 29: Marching On

Chickens and Chicks are marching.

Wave 30: it's party time!

"Mmm... cake!" - Hero

The Party Chicken enters the screen. It sweeps from corners twice, while throwing waste randomly, then flies to the center of the screen. It then does a omnidirectional waste attack, then flies randomly on the screen throwing waste randomly until it's dead.

Chapter 4: Epsilon Thalassus

The cutscene shows the Hero and narrator being close to the planet. The narrator says few facts about said planet, and asks Hero if he brought a mop, which he dismisses. Then, they enter the planet, and the cutscene ends.

Wave 31

Few medusas fly through from right to left.

This marks their first appearance.

Wave 32

Wave 33

Few (Six, to be exact) Chicken Submarines emerge one after another.

Wave 34

"Whoa, sucker!" - Hero

The wave begins with a huge octopus tentacle stretching over the screen, which acts as a introduction for those enemies. After a couple of seconds, numerous amounts of chicks and chickens appear on the right and swim to the left.

Wave 35

Wave 36

Wave 37

Wave 38

Wave 39

Wave 40: Terror of the Deep

"Jellyfish-flavored jelly... Coming right up!" - Hero

Fight with the Jellyfish King. It does three attacks - the first one consists of it shooting to the left three times from it's tentacles, repositioning them each time. After that comes it's second attack - sweeping through the screen from right to left while spawning normal jellyfishes. It's third attack is shooting diagonally from it's tentacles.

Tip: While it uses it's third attack, it's better to go behind it, since the attack is hard to avoid.

Also, at the beginning of the battle, a satellite of random type spawns, like in other planet-based chapters. Collect it while you can!

Chapter 5: The Source of Power

The cutscene [...]

Wave 41: Military Parade

Military Chickens appear in square group consisting of four rows of eight chickens.

It's also their first appearance.

Wave 42: Chickenaut Quartet

Couple of chicks and a chickenaut appear.

Wave 43: Centipede

Wave 44: Divide and conquer

Wave 45: Satellite Fly-by

Same with Wave 25. However, original five chicks in each group that appeared in Wave 15 are replaced with chickens.

Wave 46: Cardinality of Four

Wave 47: Heavy Metal

Two Chick Gatling Guns appear, one on the left and one on the right. They are protected by loads of orbiting Barriers.

Wave 48: Amazing Maize

Few Corns shoot from bottom of the screen like fireworks, one after another.

Wave 49: The Magic Flute

Six interdimensional portals in a row appear from on the top. After that they spawn four chicks from one of the portals in a random order that never repeats the same portal six times. After this, the same happens, but with chickens, then military chickens, and then eggshels containing military chickens.

Wave 50: The Henperor's Apprentice

"The Forks are Strong with this one!" - Hero

A big chicken that looks like Darth Vader appears. It has three attacks. At first, it uses it's forcefield, which prevents the Hero from getting under or above it. The second attack consists of it shooting five lasers roughly spaced, which rotate clock-wise a bit. It's third attack only consists of it changing the direction of gravity (where spaceship points at). While doing that, the Hero might say one of the following quotes:



"She can't take it anymore!"

Tip: While it's doing it's forcefield attack, if your spaceship still faces the chicken, then try attacking.

Chapter 6: Gamma Chthon

The cutscene [...]

Wave 51

Wave 52

Wave 53

Wave 54

Wave 55

Wave 56

Wave 57

Wave 58

Wave 59

Wave 60: Heart of Darkness

"It's time to get to the bottom of this..." - Hero A giant heart-like being lies on top of the screen. It has three attacks: First one consists of it dropping few purple projectiles resembling a white blood cell. Second attack consists of it using a giant crystal that reaches bottom of the screen very quickly, which might be hard to avoid. In it's third attack, it covers itself with crystals, essentially stopping you from attacking it until you destroy the crystal.

Tip: At the beginning of the battle, a satellite of random type spawns, like in other planet-based chapters. Collect it while you can!

Chapter 7: The Thingamajig of Vagueness

The cutscene [...]

Wave 61: Soft in the Middle

Wave 62:

Wave 63: Weaving through Traffic

Wave 64: Overarching Chickens

Wave 65: Satellite Fly-by

Same with Wave 25, but now every chick is replaced with a chicken.

Wave 66: High-Speed Chase

Wave 67: Visitors from Another Dimension

Wave 68: Chink in the Armor

Wave 69: Wormhole

Wave 70: Boldly Goes Whenever it Pleases

"Come get some!" - Hero

Second Henterprise encounter. The Henterprise (180,000 HP) enters the screen from the left, the Hero now faces left and then, the Henterprise fires it's Red Beam, then afterwards, Purple Lasers. The Henterprise will proceed to attack in this pattern until it has lost 50% of it's HP: Black Feathers -> Blue Ion -> Chick Wobble. After it loses 50%, it moves over to the right side of the screen, and the Hero will now face right. Every 25%, it drops few weapon presents to the direction it faces.

Chapter 8: Eta Astropelecae

Cutscene starts with [...]

Wave 71

Wave 72

Wave 73

Wave 74

Wave 75

Wave 76

Wave 77

Wave 78

Wave 78

Wave 80:

"" - Hero

Fight with a chicken-shaped ice golem made out of 200 cubes.

Chapter 9:

Cutscene starts with [...]

Wave 91:

Wave 92:

Wave 93:

Wave 94:

Wave 95:

Wave 96:

Wave 97:

Wave 98:

Wave 99:

Wave 100:

"" - Hero

Chapter 11: Atmospheric Reentry

Before playing this chapter, note that:

  • Your ship will always fly down.
  • Each wave starts instantly after you kill the last chicken of the previous wave, with no breaks.

Wave 101

A danger zone appears at the bottom of the screen. Only chicks and chickens appear.

Wave 102

Wave 103

Wave 104

Wave 105

Wave 106

Wave 107

Wave 108

Wave 109

Wave 110:

"" - Hero

Chapter 12:

Cutscene starts with [...]

Wave 111:

Wave 112:

Wave 113:

Wave 114:

Wave 115:

Wave 116:

Wave 117:

Wave 118:

Wave 119:

Wave 120:

"" - Hero