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A Big Chicken from CI3


Intergallactic Chickens


Planet-possesive aliens



First Appearance

Chicken Invaders (game)

Chickens are the main antagonists in the Chicken Invaders series. They are an intergalactic species of chickens bent on taking over (and later on destroying) Earth for oppressing their earthly brethren. They are known for being enormous (an ordinary chicken is as big as a small spaceship), being highly technologically advanced, as proven by many of the planet-sized constructions they can make like the CK-01 Henterprise and being an overall threat to the galaxy if not the whole universe.


Before the events of Chicken Invaders

We know very little about the Chickens' past, but they must have appeared on a certain planet, eventually becoming a space faring civilization and became what they are today. Sometime in between their earthly brethren have also appeared on Earth. When humanity developed, they domesticated them and started exploiting them for food through the earthly chickens making eggs for them and being eaten.

Chicken Invasion!

As the Chickens eventually learned about what was happening to their relatives on Earth, this made them very angry. The Chicken leaders decided to invade Earth, bent on revenge for what humans have been doing to their brethren and to take it over. As this was about to happen, our hero was taking an order from Space Burgers. He noticed this, and went to save Earth from the Chickens.

The Next Wave

The hero thought that he did fend off the Chickens, but that was only a precursor to their main plan - to take over the entire solar system! With more troops than ever, and Mother-Hen Ship, the Chickens were sure that they would win. But just like the last time, he went to save the solar system and defeat the Mother-Hen Ship with relative ease, successfully stopping the invasion.

Revenge of the Yolk

The Chickens have been made even more angry since the Hero repelled their invasion, so they now want to completely destroy Earth. To do this, they started to secretly construct The Yolk-Star™ behind the sun, which they will use to do just that. A bit later when the hero thought he was finished with battling Chickens, he went to the local Space Burgers to order a meal. Soon after that he noticed something behind the sun, so he flew there and he found the Yolk-Star™ still in it's construction stages. It commanded a big chicken to defeat the hero, which he has beaten easily. He then made fun of the Yolk-Star™, which made it become angry and shoot a laser at him. The hero n) which helped him not to be fried to bits, and it held up long enough until the hero was cbrought up a shield. It lasted until the hero got close to a black hole (why was it close to the sun anyways?), and was sucked in to arrive at the other end of the galaxy. The Chickens dispatched troops across the galaxy to stop the hero before the Yolk-Star™ gets finished. He still manages to arrive at the solar system just before the Yolk-Star™ was made operational, and gets to destroy it, ending another invasion.

Ultimate Omelette

The another fend off of Chickens made them angrier. They decided to do invade Earth yet again, with a more powerful machine. They have made The Egg Cannon which was destined to shoot a giant egg at the Earth, have it's yolk cook the surface temperature through its sun and blow it to smithereens. A mysterious character, Hen Solo, came through a black hole and warned our hero about the Chicken's newest plan and he followed him into the black hole he came from. He arrived just when the Egg Cannon was made operational and was tested in an another galaxy close to ours. It then flew away, leaving the hero with a bunch of Chickens to defeat. Also, this time the Chickens were becoming so desperate that they started making their Chicks fight against him. The hero followed the way the Egg Cannon was heading to, eventually meeting Hen Solo again to the center of the galaxy. It used the black hole as a quick way to get to our galaxy and it succeeded. The hero had to use it too because he had no other way of getting here fast enough, and he got lost between space and time quite a lot of times, before eventually arriving at our galaxy. He then came to defeat the Egg Cannon and end the invasion once again.

Cluck of the Dark Side

After their another defeat, the Chickens made another plan to destroy Earth, this time they constructed the Henterprise, which they used to dispatch loads of feathers to block sunlight from coming to Earth and eventually freezing it over. It eventually arrived to the Solar System and did that as the hero noticed this happening. He then went to the Henterprise to destroy it, but it flew away before he could do that. After a bit of thinking, the hero headed to Madam Madámme, the galaxy oracle, to consult her on how to remove the sunlight-blocking feathers. While they were talking about having to construct and use the Humanity's Greatest Fan, the Chickens overheard them and dispatched their troops to these locations where they tried to not let him get the artifacts. The hero went across the galaxy, collected all of the artifacts and consulted Madam on constructing the device. In meantime, he also curiously stumbled upon the Henterprise flying away. which he still didn't get to defeat. He then had to land on Earth to mount the device, with there being curiously Chickens to stop him. He used it to blow the feathers off, and did it, although it also pushed the Earth a little from where it was. The Henterprise then came back for revenge, and the hero destroyed it and ended the invasion yet again.

This is where the story currently ends until the 6th game comes out.

Types of Chickens

Chickens have various types of troops they use during invasions.

Ordinary Chicken


Chapter Number * 100
First appearance:
Chicken Invaders (game)
Very Common
Ocasionally shoot an egg

Description: Ordinary Chickens are the most common Chicken troops you'll get to fight. Being there since the first game, the Ordinary Chicken's normal attack is simple - shoot an egg downward (in the direction opposite to which the hero is facing in CI5). Although they might seem quite easy, their real strength lies in their sheer numbers. In most of the waves you'll get to fight hordes of these, all ready to shoot and egg at your face, and this gets harder in the later sections of each game, as their eggs become faster and get shot at a quick pace.

They're also very versatile. Need to home in on you? Pfft! Need to survive in harsh conditions just to get to our hero? No problem! Need to keep something with you to use it, like balloons? Easy! Need to fly in wonderful patterns? They can do all of this!

Because of how versatile Ordinary Chickens are, it's no wonder that they're the most common enemy you'll see.

Killing them will reward you with some Food, and occasionally Keys (starting from CI4) and Coins.

Appearance: Their appearance is simple. They're normal Chickens that wear a vest. They can wear different suits, like leotards and underwear if you unlock them in their respective games (CI4 and CI5). As for how they looked inbetween each game, here's how it goes:

In Chicken Invaders 1, they looked much more blockier and simplistic than they do now, because they were only made out of simple shapes. They never blinked, and their "vests" (or rather body textures) were always only blue in normal formations, and pink when they had to fly around.
In Chicken Invaders 2, nothing much changed aside from them being now able to wear vests in various colors.
In Chicken Invaders 3, their models were redesigned a bit so that they're more detailed - the vests looked actually like vests, the beak was made to look more natural, they could blink, and they got tongues. Yes, that's important.
In Chicken Invaders 4, they were made more detailed again, the claws look more detailed, and their vests now have a stripped pattern. They can also look around now.
In Chicken Invaders 5, their heads were redesigned so that their combs aren't put in a straight line anymore, the heads themselves got more pudgier and they now have always an angry expression. Their vests now also have a zig-zag pattern instead of a stripe pattern.

As for the holiday editions:

The Christmas ediions for CI3 and CI2 gave them only Christmas hats, the one for CI4 also gave them star patterns on their vests. As for the one for CI5, it was different from the earlier ones, as it gave them Santa clothes.
The Easter edition for CI3 changed them into something that more resembles Ordinary Chicks. The one for CI4 made them bunnies instead.
The Thanksgiving editions completely change them and all other chickens into turkeys.
The Halloween edition changed them into vampires.

Pilot Chicken


Chapter Number * 200 (unconfirmed)
First appearance:
Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the Dark Side
Ocasionally shoot two eggs at once

Description: Introduced in Chicken Invaders 5, starting from wave 41 these chickens are the more advanced Chicken troops you'll get to fight. These are quite similar to Ordinary Chickens, but these are better. They now shoot two eggs at once, making avoiding them harder, and they are now twice as tough! These aren't also used as often as the ordinary ones.

Killing them will reward you with some Food, and occasionally Keys and Coins.

Appearance: They are Chickens that wear a green pilot helmet, sunglasses, a belt, a medal of sorts, and something that resembles a swimsuit, typically green.

As for the holiday editions:

The Christmas edition doesn't change them at all, aside from making them wear boots.
The Halloween edition changes them into vampires.

Armored Chicken


Chapter Number * 300 (unconfirmed)
First appearance:
Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette
Shoot an ion downwards (or wherever gravity points at in CI5) which can turn up to 45 degrees left or right, sometimes aimed at the player

Description: These guys are tough! They are the most advanced Chicken troops of this size you're going to see. Introduced later in both games they appeared in (wave 44 in CI4 and wave 81 in CI5), those chickens are not only way tougher than normal Chickens with three times as much health, but they have also got a dangerous attack - they can sometimes shoot a purple ion at where the gravity points at (or downwards in CI5) which can turn up to 45 degrees left or right. They sometimes aim it at you if you're close enough too, so be wary of that. Not only this, they're also as versatile as normal chickens, but they aren't used quite as often.

Killing them will reward you with some Food, and occasionally Keys and Coins.

Appearance: They are Chickens that wear an armored suit, and starting from CI5 they also have green combs, green wattles and black eyelids.

As for the holiday editions:

The Christmas edition makes them look more like elves, with hats and suits. As for CI4, all it does is giving them christmas hats to wear.
The Easter edition changes them into bunnies.
The Thanksgiving edition changes them into turkeys, as expected.
The Halloween edition changes them into vampires.

UFO Chicken


Submarine Chicken


First Appearance: CI5

Attack: Fires torpedoes in straight lines.

A chicken piloting a submarine.

Egg Ship Chicken




First Appearance: CI4

Attack: Shoots 3 lasers in random directions.

Attire: Astronaut suit

Big Chicken


First Appearance: Chicken Invaders (1999 original)

Attack: Lays eggs (other variants not included)

Attire: Vest

This chicken is a boss enemy. You get a "Supersize me!" bonus when you defeat them in CI3



Chapter Number * 50 (unconfirmed)
First appearance:
Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette
Very Common
Occasionally shoot their waste

Description: Chicks. WIP

Killing them will reward you occasionally with chicken wings, Keys and Coins.

Appearance: They are just Chicks. Nothing too special.

As for the holiday editions:

The Christmas edition makes them become gingerbread cookies, while the CI4 edition makes them wear christmas hats.
The Easter edition makes them wear eggs as clothing.
The Thanksgiving edition changes them into turkeys, as expected.
The Halloween edition makes them wear a white sheet with black dots as eyes put on it.

UFO Chick



Chick Gatling Gun


Frozen Chick

First Appearance: CI5

Attack: (obstacle)

A chick frozen in ice. Shows up in Eta Astropelecae.


  • Despite his apprentice being shown, the Henperor is never encountered and his true apperance will never be seen yet, and the only trace of his name being mentioned is on Wave 50, however, this is because his name is a play on words on "The Emperor's Apprentice" who is Darth Vader from the Star Wars series. Both are similarly named and have the same type of suit.
  • The Chicken Submarine's poster says "Silent but deadly" hinting that its attack is silent unlike other enemies.

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