Cheats are specific features that make the game easier, which upon pressing the right button will be activated. They have been included since the first Chicken Invaders game.

It's advised to not use them too much unless you're completely stuck, because they take away the challenge and fun the games have. Also, after using them you won't be allowed to get high scores, medals, unlockables and keys.

How to Unlock

In the first game, you'll have to unlock the Debug Mode to use cheats. In the later games, you'll have to unlock them through the options menu.

They will be available as soon as you start/continue your mission.

Cheat List

Chicken Invaders (game)

This game has somewhat different cheats than the other games.

There are four cheats:

  • F5 - Shows the cheat list
  • F6 - Skips the wave
  • F7 - Grants you a missile and a powerup level
  • F8 - Gives you extra life

Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave

The cheats in this game are like the ones in the other games, but with the order switched.

  • F5 - Skips the wave
  • F6 - Gives you extra life
  • F7 - Drops a single atom from the top of the screen.
  • F8 - Gives you extra missiles

Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk (and onwards)

As usual, there are four cheats, and they have stood in that order since Chicken Invaders 3.

  • F5 - Gives you extra life
  • F6 - Gives you extra missiles
  • F7 - Drops a single atom from the top of the screen
  • F8 - Skips the wave

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