Brothers Reunited
The beginning of the fight.


Group of bosses in Cluck of the Dark Side.

First Appearance

Cluck of the Dark Side

Brothers Reunited is a boss fight present in Cluck of the Dark Side. It consists of fighting both the Military Chicken and the Party Chicken at once.


This boss fight happens at the end of the Our Darkest Hour chapter.


The fight begins with the Military Chicken. It will first use the Grenade Throw attack, where it throws four grenades down, then the Knife Throw, in which it throws a pair of knives at you. It's weak to Lightning Fryer and it's strong against Positron Stream.

The Military Chicken will be aided by the Party Chicken, which will appear along with it. It has a much more complex pattern. First, it flies from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the screen, using Waste Throw, in which it throws big white waste in random directions, on its way. It does it again, this time flying from the top right corner to the bottom left corner. After it's done with that, it will dive from the top corner of the screen and stop higher up, still onscreen. It will then use Spread Waste, in which it shoots 16 white wastes at once, spaced equally from each other. It will then keep using Waste Throw, and it will fly around to random points on the screen until it dies. It's weak to Corn Shotgun and the Bird-Flu Gun, and it's strong against the Neutron Gun, Plasma Rifle, Photon Swarm, and Hypergun.

Both bosses have 125000 health and will give upon death 125000 points, 10-12 Food items, and Powerups.

In total, this boss has 250000 health, and will give 250000 points.


Focus on one of the brothers so that they stay on the screen for as little amount of time as possible. Try not to stay below the Military Chicken too much, as you might get caught by the grenades. Its knives can be passed through safely if you stand still. The Barbequer is recommended if you have a hard time avoiding the projectiles both Chickens release.

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