The Boron Railgun is a weapon in Chicken Invaders 4. It's a rapid-fire straight-forward weapon, similar to the Vulcan Chaingun but fairly stronger in comparison, it's overheat rate is medium but affordable.
Boron Railgun Present

Boron Railgun Present


The Boron Railgun is the weapon you actually start with every game, the strength could fall off in harder difficulties, but it makes it up for the rapid succession of bullets it gives, good management and positioning of this weapon can defeat waves of chickens with ease. The firepower increases the lenght and the number of the bullets fired (up to 5 lenghty bullets as shown in the picture, packing a good punch overall).


  • A balanced weapon to choose for the game, it's also easy since you always start with this weapon.
  • Has not a fast overheat rate if fired manually.
  • Has good damage with automatic fire.
  • Good straight chicken wave-clear, also fairly solid for bosses.


  • Not enough firepower makes this weapon very weak in some stages.
  • You have to manage this weapon very well to clear waves and even bosses.
  • Manually firing this weapon is weaker than firing it automatically.
  • Automatically firing this weapon overheats it faster.


  • The Boron Railgun is like a stronger version of the Vulcan Chaingun.
  • When you use this weapon with Hen Solo, it changes color from Gold to Orange.
  • This is the 3rd Weapon with multiple colors the others are Photon Swarm & Ion Blaster.
  • A shot from the Boron Railgun is wide, as seen in this photo, there are only 4 groups of 5 shots.
  • At Firepower 20, the Boron Railgun deals 50 damage per shot, totalling 250 in a group (Superstar Hero).
  • It's close relative is the Hypergun
  • This is also the only weapon that changes on firepower 11.
Baron Railgun

Boron Railgun VS Super Chicken

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