Bonuses are a game mechanic which by achieving certain objectives, you can gain rewards. It's here from Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave onwards.

Below is a list of these.

Satellite Dock

Reward - None

Objective - Dock a satellite. Its name will appear as the bonus name. Unobtainable in The Next Wave and Revenge of the Yolk

Pecking Order

Reward - 2000 Points

Objective - Kill chickens in the order in which they are set to appear.

Extra Life!

Reward - Extra Life

Objective - Obtained every 1M points in Rookie, 3M in Veteran, and 10M in Superstar Hero. Can be made unobtainable with the Scoring (No Extra Lifes) unlockable.

Note: M - Million

Extra Missile!

Reward - 1 Missile, food counter reset

Objective - Get 50 Food units (25 in The Next Wave or 100 with the Scoring (More Food for Missiles) unlockable.

Max Power!

Reward - 100000 Points

Objective - Always awarded when the firepower level reaches 20.

Weapon Switch

Reward - Weapon Number * 1,000 Points depending on weapon collected (see here for a detailed explaination), collecting a present containing the same weapon as the one you already have also grants Firepower

Objective - Collect any weapon gift.


Reward - Your current firepower level * 100 Points + 1,000 Points (f.e. 8th firepower level -> 1,800 Points)

Objective - Collect an Atomic Powerup, or a present containing the same weapon as the one you already have.


Reward - Number of enemies killed * 100 Points (f.e. 23 enemies killed -> 2,300 Points). With 40 or more enemies killed, you will also receive the Medal of Annihilation award.

Objective - Kill 4 or more enemies in a quick succession.


Reward - A specific number of Atomic Powerups depending on the current wave, usually more given in the boss waves.

Objective - Have a lower firepower level than required on a wave. In The Next Wave, they won't be awarded if you're on the Veteran difficulty.

Note: These Atomic Powerups that are given to the player have an aura with the color of their spaceship's engine to prevent other players in multiplayer from stealing it.

Super size me!

Reward - None

Objective - Get the biggest burger available (Quad Chicken Burger with Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese, and three Olives). Not available in The Next Wave.

Clean Sweep

Reward - Amount of enemies & obstacles killed * 500 Points (f.e. 58 enemies killed - 2,900

Objective - Kill all enemies in a wave, and don't let anyone survive. This also includes things like Barriers.

Note: You can get this only in certain waves, usually in ones where enemies can escape.

Early Bird

Reward - Number of Chapter * 1,000 Points (f.e. Chapter 11 - 11,000 Points)

Objective - Kill an enemy in less than a second after a wave has started.

Key Collected

Reward - A Key, and 11,111 Points

Objective - Collect a Key from an enemy. Unavailable in The Next Wave and Revenge of the Yolk.


Reward - 10000 Points

Objective - Collect a whole roasted chicken. Only appeared in The Next Wave.


Reward - 10000 Points

Objective - Kill more chickens than the other player in a wave in two player mode. Only appeared in The Next Wave.


Reward - 10000 Points

Objective - Kill a bigger number of chickens than the amount of times you pressed the fire button.

Life Assist

Reward - 20000 Points

Objective - Lend a life to the other player to keep him alive in the two player mode. Happens automatically with the Shared Lives option enabled. Only appeared in The Next Wave.


Reward - 200,000 Points

Objective - Reach the end of the Asteroid Belt without having used a Missile once. Only appeared in The Next Wave.


Reward - 10000 Points

Objective - Both players have to share a single powerup (with both spaceships being on top of one another) in the two player mode. Only appeared in The Next Wave.


Reward - 20000 Points

Objective - Collect 100 Coins. Only appeared in The Next Wave.