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Bonuses are a game mechanic which by achieving certain objectives, you can gain extra points. It's here from Chicken Invaders: The Next Wave onwards.

Below is a list of these.

Pecking Order

Reward - 2000 Points

Objective - Kill chickens in order as they are set to appear.

Extra Life!

Reward - Another Life

Objective - Get it every 1M in Rookie, 3M in Veteran, and 10M in Superstar Hero.

Note: M - Million, if you didn't know.

Extra Missile!

Reward - A Missile

Objective - Get 50 food units, and afterwards it resets the counter to 0 (With a certain Scoring unlockable, you need 100 food units).

Max Power!

Reward - 100,000 Points

Objective - Get your firepower level to 20. It will be awarded even if you did lose a life with having now 1X firepower level and achieving it again.

Weapon Switch Reward - Always X * 1,000 Points depending on weapon collected (see here for a detailed explaination), collecting the same weapon again also gives you Firepower Objective - Collect any weapon present.


Reward - Your current firepower level * 100 Points + 1,000 Points (f.e. 8th firepower level -> 1,800 Points)

Objective - Collect an Atom power-up, or a present with identical weapon as you currently have.


Reward - Number of enemies killed * 100 Points (f.e. 23 enemies killed -> 2,300 Points)

Objective - Kill 4 or more enemies in a quick succession.


Reward - A single or few Atom power-ups

Objective - Have very low firepower on a normal/boss wave.

Note: These Atoms given to the player have their spaceship engine-colored like aura, which prevents other players in multiplayer from stealing it and/or breaking the game.

Super size me!

Reward - None

Objective - Get the largest burger (Quadruple sized Chicken Burger with Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese and three Olives).

Clean Sweep

Reward - Amount of enemies & obstacles killed * 500 Points (f.e. 58 enemies killed - 2,900

Objective - Kill all enemies in a wave, and don't let anyone survive. This also includes things like Barriers.

Note: You can get this only in certain waves, usually in ones where enemies can escape.

Early Bird

Reward - Number of Chapter * 1,000 Points (f.e. Chapter 11 - 11,000 Points)

Objective - Kill an enemy in less than a second after a wave started.

Key Collected

Reward - A Key, and 11,111 Points

Objective - Collect a Key from an enemy.

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