• Serafettin3

    my cı6 wave ideas!

    July 14, 2017 by Serafettin3

    today ı have some ideas on first 5 waves for cı6                                                                                                        wave 1:12 chicks appeared on the screen after you kill them there are 8 chicks and 4 chickens.                                    wave 2: 18 barriers protecting 9 chickens                                                                                                                   wave 3:  10 sweater chicks and 5 barriers appear around the need take out the clothes from chicks to defeat them.                                                                                                                                                                      wave 4: 5 robot chick…

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  • TheSANSationalMan777 here.

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  • Orandza023

    Nothing much to say here.All I can say is that many bosses in this game are weak to utensil poker and lightning fryer.....almost all of them are weak to these weapons!Also,since this game has no weapons rush,I could not check all of the mysterious ship's and mother-hen ship's weaknesses.For mysterious ship,I just couldn't check how much damage Utensil Poker would do to it.As for the mother-hen ship,I could not check the following weapons:plasma rifle,utensil poker,lightning fryer.Also,it seems as if,in the entire series,there isn't even a single enemy that is strong against Lightning Fryer!This isn't the case with any other weapon.

    Ion Blaster Laser Cannon Neutron Gun Vulcan Chaingun Lightning Fryer
    83 166 208 52 208

    Plasma Rifle Utensil Poke…

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  • Orandza023

    Just like Chicken Invaders 5,in this game,a lot of enemies have weaknesses and strengths.In this blog post,I will show you all of them.But before that,I will show you how much damage each weapon/satellite does to the enemy that is weak to it and how much damage each weapon/satellite does to the enemy that is strong against it.

    Ion Blaster Laser Cannon Neutron Gun Vulcan Chaingun Plasma Rifle
    83 166 208 50 666

    Lightning Fryer Utensil Poker Boron Railgun Positron Stream Photon swarm
    208 187,125 62 270 62

    Microgun Barbequer Bird-Flu Gun ICBM
    125 ~270 416 2083

    Ion Blaster Laser Cannon Neutron Gun Vulcan Chaingun Plasma Rifle
    56 133 141 34 453

    Lightning Fryer Utensil Poker Boron Railgun Positron Stream Photon Swarm
    ??? ??? ??? 184 42

    Microgun Barbequer Bi…

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  • Orandza023

    So,I think that most of you know that each enemy has strengths and weaknesses against some of the weapons.In this blog post,I will show you how much damage each weapon does to enemies that are weak against it,and to enemies that are strong against it.I will also show you which enemy is weak to which weapon.

    ion blaster laser cannon neutron gun vulcan chaingun lightning fryer
    250 500 625 150 625

    plasma rifle utensil poker boron railgun photon swarm positron stream
    2000 562,375* 187 187 812

    hypergun riddler corn shotgun
    187 100 500

    ion blaster laser cannon neutron gun vulcan chaingun lightning fryer
    ??? ??? 425 ??? ???

    plasma rifle utensil poker boron railgun photon swarm positron stream
    1360 382,255* 127 127 552

    hypergun riddler corn shotgun
    127 68 340

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  • EmeraldPlay

    How far can you go in Chicken Invaders 1? You'd think that you could play it potentially forever, right? Let's check this.

    The first chapters are easy to go through, but the further you go, the harder the game gets. Everything falls faster, the chickens drop eggs a lot more commonly, and everything requires more hits to be killed.

    After some time, your shots won't be enough, and you'll have to start using missiles, unless you want to shoot for 5 minutes to get a single chicken down. This will get worse over time.

    Everything gets quicker and quicker. The asteroids, the eggs, the chickens... Soon enough, some waves will be impossible to survive through.

    There will be more and more chickens in the Protect Earth and the Be Quick or Be Dead waves..…

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  • Theguyisp

    this is story of my number 1 enemies lets begin

    story of crazy zombie bunnies

    long time ago Back in 2005

    They were good and not bad

    but they were bullied by other animals like:Bear;Dog,Cat,Chicken,Intergalactic Chickens and Rabbids and Bullied by humans (probaly sure yokai bullied them)

    they were bullied by being so ugly

    in 2016 they started to be bad and crazy zombies,Build crazy robots like BUNNYBOTZ and BUNNY SHIP

    they have leaders like Jabbit,Proffesor Bunny and dark bunny

    jabbit and proffesor bunny are killed by me

    this year they have invaded all countries but i saved them and i need to go in BUNNYTOWN TO defeat GIANT BUNNYBOTZ

    they say they will return in 2019

    at 2019 i will try to kill dark bunny


    yokai if you really bullied them…

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Based on Characters from Wander Over Yonder.

    (The show was canned after the end of Season 2. There is a online petition for bringing the show back for a third season.)

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  • EmeraldPlay

    This year is ending. To celebrate that, this blog post will give you a look at what happened over the course of it!

    Previous rewinds: 2015, 2014

    Note: this only shows legitimate users who made atleast a single edit on the wiki.

    31 users joined. (compared to previous years, it's a little less than usual).

    13 articles were made, and 25 articles were deleted.

    Note: Edits include those from both articles and blog posts.

    779 edits were made this year.

    That's a quite large amount of 'em!

    33 blogs were made.

    That's the highest amount in years!

    344 comments were made on blogs.

    366 comments were posted on articles.

    21 forum threads have been made.

    1306 forum replies were posted!

    Wow! That's quite impressive.

    200 images were uploaded.

    This year in terms of wiki act…

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  • Theguyisp

    so i wanted to made a rap Battle song so here is:


    Hero:these chickens are stupid i can beat them in ssecond Hero:i will use their roast  chickens:we will rule milky way chickens :we will rule solar system hero:i will use powers and neutron gunhero:i will kill your mother hen ship chickens: big chickens will destroy you*big chicken explodes*hero:that was easy *hero meets yolk star* hero:oh;D: Chickens:you cant beat our yolk star ,we wll rule solar system chickens: anti-roast *hero wins* chickens: WHAAAAAAAT? *hensolo comes* Hero: hen solo chickens ahead chickens:NOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU WIN, SPACE SHIP *THE END*​ So i need some remixes from CI5 AND 3 SONGS

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  • Theguyisp

    i want to make an game that is complains UNDERTRASH its a revenge of sans and sANS THE FATASS Is going zo be final boss of the game his attacks:phase 1 attack:throwing bones,rotate phase 2 attacks: skeleton wooble,throwing bones and giant bones phase 3 attacks,The Ultimate Ketchup Beam,Throwing Giant Bones FINAL PHASE ATTACKS his laugh words that directly  shot at you the heroes of game are: The Hero,Chickens,Spongebob,TROLOLOLOLOLO Meme,EmeraldPlay,BluRu and me

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  • Theguyisp

    Chicken Invaders fangame

    December 6, 2016 by Theguyisp

    remember chicken multiplicity boss level can it reappear on chicken invaders fan game with this music (credits to a game from spongebob battle from bikini botom)

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  • BluRu


    December 5, 2016 by BluRu

    Looks like I'm considered the worst person in the whole world...

    I give up...

    I give up on being myself...

    I will just listen to all these people and their selfish orders...

    Just so THEY can be happy...

    but that won't mean I will be happy...

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Paintjobs for 7 Undertale Souls (The pink one is presumed the 8th one, but: 1. not canon to the Undertale game, 2. Not spoiling that one soul.)

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  • BluRu

    Stupid Question

    December 4, 2016 by BluRu

    How do you add music to the profile page??? ._. Do you need admin or...?

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  • Theguyisp

    What IAS Working??? What IAS Thinking With CI6??????  i Think IA is doing With CI6 Really Great New Weapons,New unlockabes,New waves,new editions,New  Sattelites,New Good Music,New enemies,New Bosses And More And i think IA Is Doing An Alphy versions or it just a joke,Have a great day everybody

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  • Theguyisp

    Today is 1st December and Chicken Invaders 5 Xmas Is not here maybe other day??????????? And when CI5 XMAS IS RELEASED (sorry for caps) we need to celebrate and we will need a xmas theme for the wiki  And now we are ready for CI5 Easter Edition HAPPY XMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Paintjobs (that I made) that are based off of characters from Undertale.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902


    November 22, 2016 by MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Humanility's Greatest Fan...

    Invaded by Chickens.

    Creating Robot Havoc.

    And Weird Beasts.

    Our Hero is the only one to save the day...

    And Don't forgot about those Space Burger Drones...


    20 Chapters.

    200 levels.

    Crazy Robot battles.

    Weird Planets.

    More Coops.


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  • Toxic Pea


    November 1, 2016 by Toxic Pea

    Go to the InterAction Studios site!

    it is on sale!


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  • AngelaNapoli2016

    Hey, Wikians! Lately I got died multiple times per game in Chicken Incaders 5, since I'm going for that award, I decided to create a post about waves to get past without dying for GCHoAT.

    Start off with White Knight, and when Wave 2 starts, enable Space Ninja, but you need Utensil Poker.

    You should have >10 firepower. Once you reach Military Chicken, watch out for grenades and avoid knives.

    You will need lots of food to get missiles. When It's Party Time starts, avoid the big waste and kill the chicken.

    You should have >20 firepower. Avoid contact with the ocean floor. When tentacle spawns, you will need 20 firepower with Utensil Poker, as well as Space Ninja to destroy them. When the 4th boss appears, avoid the red bullets, and shoot the fork…

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  • Angel Marrero

    This is a crossover between Chicken invaders and the ugsf. After the intergalactic chickens lost for the fifth time. The inter galactic chickens gets help from Uims alpha, Galaga, Battura, Bosconian and Sadeen to take over the world. Hero gets help from Hen solo and Blaster mk2 phoenix to stop them from winning. They made Inprovements on the mother hen ship.


    This took place 2460 A.D.

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  • MrYokaiAndWatch902 write down another!

    Yep, let us showcase

    So, Arcreatures appear in Chapter 8, "Planet Robawkbawk"!

    Arcreatures summon Retro Chickens OR Retro Coop Aliens!

    Next up is the Frostpud, appearing in levels where Ice Beat is in, and also Chapter 13 (chapter 13 was replaces with Chickens Strike: Rooster Eggs)!

    Frostpuds would inflict freezing if you touch them!

    Next up... Who said that Fly The Coop uses his projectiles to make just THOSE enemies?

    A new chapter called "Chickens Strike: Rooster Eggs"!

    The chapter comes from "Elemental Strike: Mirage Tower"!

    Each enemies are in "Chickens Strike: Rooster Eggs"!

    First one is Lavasprout, sprouts which comes from the ground and try to hit you!

    If you're hit by them, you're on fire!

    Do you like Effects?

    Well her…

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    The first Chicken Invaders no longer works for new computers. 

    Should it be remastered? YOU DECIDE.

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  • TheSANSationalMan777


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  • Angel Marrero

    Its been one Year and I'm having a great time here it has been a great one year its been some years playing Chicken invaders and it was great time being in here well I'm still staying here that is all to celebrate one year.

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  • Sophodot

    Chicken Invaders 3 waves

    February 27, 2016 by Sophodot

    Chicken Invaders 3 waves

    Wave types

    Threat level: Some waves can be passed with your eyes closed, while others require maximum concentration. This parameter shows the risk of getting killed in each wave.

    D0 = Negligible threat. If you are looking at the screen you will have no problem getting through these waves.

    D1 = Minor threat. Keep a normal alert level. Rarely, these waves can throw unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

    D2 = Significant threat. These waves are nasty. Be ready to dodge whatever is thrown at you.

    D3 = Major threat. The most likely to ruin your GCHoaT. These waves are a pain to get through alive.

    Chapter structure

    All the chapters (except Comet Chase and Meteor Storm) follow the same overall 10-wave structure.

    First wave in a chap…

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  • Red Bloony - BTD5

    You probably know I kinda retired at making ideas (Chapters, HP and a plethora of other stuff) for CI6 a couple of months ago.

    Now I'm working on Angry German Kid (AGK) parodies. I've been a fan of them for a long time so I decided to start my series. It's ongoing since October 11, 2015. I've gotten Emerald to watch it and he even requested The Binding of Isaac for Episode 12. As of the time this blog is made, I've made 19 episodes, the last one being a Let's Play of Chicken Invaders 4! Check it out here.

    As revealed in the Episode 18 ending, all fictional worlds are real and AGK will reach the Chicken Invaders universe later in the future. The Egg Cannon, the Henterprise, the Event Horizon, they all exist. This time, the Event Horizon is be…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write suggestions of new enemies that should come in Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    1- Infant Chick and U.F.O Infant Chick

    This idea came from Red Bloony. Infant Chicks are the 3rd generation from the Chickens. Infant Chicks are 3 times smaller than Chicks and have red rosy cheeks. They're also nimble and quick but can't sustain against most weapons for long. Infant Chicks drop the same food and have the same attack as Chicks, but do it twice as rarely. They also pilot U.F.Os at certain levels that shoot a chickwaste downwards, exactly like Chicks, however, they're more powerful than Chicks and Infant Chicks themselves.

    2- Alien

    Ok, well, this isn't a new type of Aliens. Remember the ones from CI4 and CI5? Ye…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write polls and questions of ideas for What's The Best Idea? for Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    If you want your votes to keep from disappearing, just write your answers in the comments. If you would like to make your own idea appear here, then write a comment down for your idea and I will re-edit the blog for your idea to appear on this blog.

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write Chapter 2 Waves 11-20 of Chicken Invaders 6: The Pardoxical Paradox:

    Chapter 2: Traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon

    Once the Hero makes it through Chapter 1, he notices traces of the CK-02 Event Horizon. Hen Solo warns the Hero that the Egg Cannon was rebuilt, but from a really far dimension, therefore it would need to find its way to the Solar System and destroy it. He also warns the Hero that the Event Horizon might be going to Hen Solo's galaxy, and that they would need to know more details and that Madam Madamme would help them, again. 

    Wave 11: Pilots and Helmets

    I think you know what this means. 9 Green Pilot Chickens form in 4 horizontal lines (36 total) and their attack is a double-egg.

    Wave 12: Bubbles

    An Interd…

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    In this blog, I will write Chapter 1 Waves 1-10 of Chicken Invaders 6: The Paradoxical Paradox:

    Chapter 1: A Beggining of a Final Journey

    As normal, when our Hero orders, a distraction appears, but this is NOWHERE good. While the Hero is ordering his well-deserved meal, the CK-02 Event Horizon activates its laser and SHOOTS the Space Burger Restaurant, killing all the staff. When the Hero notices the CK-02 Event Horizon behind it, it retreats and releases Chickens, Chicks, and Infant Chicks.

    Wave 1: The Third Generation

    Hero-''Oh, come on!''

    The third generation means a new enemy appears; Infant Chicks. There are 4 horizontal lines of 9 Infant Chicks each line (36 total), and Infant Chicks produce a chickwaste, exactly like Chicks, but attack t…

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  • AngelaNapoli2016

    Hi! Wendy is a hero for the spaceship to battle against Chickens and Henterprise. Wendy's planned to buy on the next year or later (2020), buying for €11.25 . Wendy will go to Currency Exchange to exchange US Dollars to Euro bucks.

    On the Arrivals, go to Landing Visa to exchange US Dollars to Euro Bucks. This can have an ability to buy Chicken Invaders 5 with the Euro credit card.

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  • Chickenmurderer135

    I had created a Chicken Invaders wiki account today, and I had lots of fun! I met lots of nice administrators and users, and they even let me create my own page! How cool is that?! I'll be honest and tell a little secret: This isn't the first day ever on this wiki; this is the first day on this wikia WITH AN ACCOUNT. That's right, I have used this before. I knew this wiki between November 22, 2014, and November 30, 2014, which means I knew about it just right after a few days after Chicken Invaders 5's release. I usually watched the videos ad explored this wiki, but I never did this WITH AN ACCOUNT. Me and the main admin and contributor of this wikepedia, EmeraldPlay, helped each other and made a Chicken Invaders article about Chicken Inva…

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    R A N D O M

    P A I N T J O B S

    A L L

    C R E A T E D

    B Y 

    M E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EE E !!! :D

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  • TheSANSationalMan777


    Here are CI5 paintjobs of the skelebros from Undertale.

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Here's a link to something random.

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  • Mastersonmcvoidson

    I saw that on InterAction studios website is a page for CI 6, so i want to know if anithyng has been confirmed for it, like the release date, gameplay and even the name, since the name for CI 5 was a trick.

    If anybody reads this, please let me know

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Welcome to Chicken Invaders Theory!

    In one of the cutscenes of Chicken Invaders 3, you can see the hero pass by a USS-Enterprise-esque ship...

    BUT, This might of been a teaser for a new boss... 

    Or it could be some easter egg... OR it was probably rebuilt by the Chickens!


    (Ok I'll stop)

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    You can play Chicken Invaders 2 and 3 online!

    • The second online Chicken Invaders game plays like the first.
    • The third online Chicken Invaders game also plays like the first, but now you can play the entire game for free!
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  • EmeraldPlay

    This year is ending, so let's see what we have achieved this year!

    36 users have joined.

    10 articles were created.

    600! edits were made this year.

    36 blogs were posted.

    414 comments were posted on blogs.

    1490 comments were posted.

    41 threads were created.

    1082 replies were posted to threads. (WOWIE!)

    Compared to the last year, the activity wasn't that big.

    8th - SpaceCrab1211 joined

    13th - Johnnytuan joined

    27th - CI Best Fan joined






    6th - The Troll attacked by spamming comments.

    21th - SpaceCrab1211 became an Chat Moderator

    1st - CroatiaSoccer joined

    19th - Dj Scoobs joined

    26th - Sophodot joined





    7th - Red Bloony - BTD5 became an Chat Moderator

    7th - Angel Marrero joined

    7th - Chicken Invaders 6 The Chicken Froces joined

    31th - Kinghamster678 …

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  • Henterprise The Chicken Lord

    Before you rage in the comments the abilites don't suck but the paintjobs do i mean InterAction studios had 4 years and they were to lazy to make a good looking paintjob? I hope that in a future update the paintjobs will look good and also in my opinion White Knight is better than Space Ninja because Space Ninja increases damage only for 20% while White Knight at the start of the game gives you 5 power and it can't be lower than that PS:The paintjobs are OK but they are so uncreative and easy to make that they suck

    For people who don't know how there paintjobs look:

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  • Lord of The Plants

    Before commenting read this:Yes i do know there are those f5,f6 and f7 cheats but i mean cheats like infinite keys,lives,rockets and all that stuff.

    I have been expirementing with cheat engine for a month or 2 i managed to hack CI3 and 4 and  some other games but i can't hack CI5 i have been trying to get space ninja for a long time but i am a college student so i don't have enough time so does anyone know how to hack CI5 with cheat engine 

    PS:Sorry if i made some grammar mistakes i am not english

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Here is a image of the 4 Elements in Paintjob form

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    This... thing.

    December 13, 2015 by TheSANSationalMan777


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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    This is what Angel Marrero requested me, and this is the result. ---------->

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    I know some of you may not know these characters, but I know you'll like these!

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  • TheSANSationalMan777
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  • Birdpool


    June 18, 2015 by Birdpool

    I'm getting tired of bull****.

    CI5, if you have a satellite on the screen at the start of a wave and ccollect it, then exit the game and restart the wave, YOU LOSE THE SATELLITE. It was only a microgun, but the game is being very stingy with FP this time around.

    Wikia's popups no longer work, also. Took me 10 minutes to log in, had to find another way, the Log In? button next to the comment box when you're not logged in. Then, when I remove the nonsense in the URL after logging in, Google forgets that it wanted to remember the password.

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  • TheSANSationalMan777

    Well, the bossses would be ultra hard,

    And the hero's ship (Accidently tried to put a t after the i, but that was fixed) would have a glowing core in the cockpit area.

    Do you have any ideas?

    Comment Below!

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