Bird-Flu Gun
Bird-Flu Gun
Bird-Flu Gun in 'Cluck of the Dark Side'




Infecting Chickens

First Appearance

Ultimate Omelette

Bird-Flu Gun is one of the four satellites introduced in Ultimate Omelette. It's a "highly-restricted biological warfare weapon".


Supply is very limited, as it has only 15 shots for use before disappearing, but it is capable of infecting several enemies within its blast radius. The enemy who is directly hit with the weapon will take 1000 damage and the further from it an enemy is, the less damage it will receive. For the best results, fire this satellite manually, as its automatic re-fire rate is quite slow. Being a biological agent, it's most effective against unarmored opponents, as it's able to deal those enemies 25% more damage. Remaining ammunition is indicated by the level of the green liquid in the satellite. It's also better to use this weapon on groups of enemies.

Pros & Cons


  • Effective against unarmored enemies.
  • Very effective against multi-part bosses, such as the Alien Mothership or the Ice Golem.


  • Slow re-fire rate.
  • The projectile is somewhat slow.