Big Chicken
Big Chicken on CI3 icon


Intergallactic chickens





First Appearance

Chicken Invaders (game)

Big Chicken, as the name says is a big chicken. It's size is 3 times as ordinary Chicken.


The First Wave

It has a NO MEAT T-Shirt, boss in all systems.

The Next Wave

It has a Destroyed Egg T-Shirt. It's the 2nd & 7th chapters boss. The first time you fight him, there is only one like him but the second more times you fight with it, there are more.

Revenge of the Yolk

Appeared only as first boss.

Ultimate Omellete

Part of the Multiple Chickens Boss, and also first boss after fake one.

Cluck of the Dark Side

It doesn't appear itself, but there is Military Chicken, Party Chicken and Henperor's Apprentice.


In most of the games, it usually lays quickly eggs, but on CI4 it got some more attacks, like lasers. Just shoot at him whenever an egg is not near your top.

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