Barbequer in 'Cluck of the Dark Side'




Barbecuing enemies and destroying projectiles

First Appearance

Ultimate Omelette

Barbequer is one of the four satellites introduced in Ultimate Omelette. It is a device which can grill enemies and projectiles.


Now we're talking! Our most popular option is grilling your enemies if it's what you're after. Almost instantaneous to ignite, but not quite, so think slightly ahead. The flame does the most damage when it's at the mouth of the satellite, that is 650 damage , and decreases as the flame dissipates. The flame also has the capability of incinerating enemy projectiles, so in tight spots you can use this satellite as a makeshift shield.

Best strategic use if for destroying enemy projectiles, and can be used in boss battles, for example the Space Crabs, Iron Chef, or Military Chicken.

Like all satellites, it has limited ammo (enough to burn for 13 seconds), so better watch how much you still have left.

Pros & Cons


  • Can destroy enemy projectiles
  • Helpful against bosses like Space Crab, Iron Chef and Alien Mothership since there is lots of projectiles in their battles.


  • The farther flame is from an enemy, the less damage it deals. Going too close is more dangerous and risks you hitting an egg, but it's profitable.