Awards are achievements obtained by performing a certain task while playing. They do not serve any useful function in-game, but you can upload your career (including the awards) and show them off on the leaderboards.

They appear in every Chicken Invaders game starting from Revenge of the Yolk.

In Cluck of the Dark Side the awards are separated between each Difficulty, so now you can't obtain the Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award just by doing it on Rookie.

Award List

Medal of Annihilation


Difficulty: Easy

Perform a multi-kill of 40 or more enemies. Arguably one of the easiest awards.

Distinguished Green Greed Cross


Difficulty: Easy

Collect atleast 90% of Coins in a single wave.

Meritorious Marksmanship Award


Difficulty: Medium

Have atleast 90% shot accuracy in a single wave (percent of your shots that hit enemies). It's easier to get with more focused weapons, for example it's easier to do this with the Neutron Gun than it is with the Ion Blaster.

Medal of Great Appetite Achievement


Difficulty: Easy

Collect atleast 90% of Food in a single wave. This award is also very easy to obtain.

Chicken Hunter Medal of Excellence


Difficulty: Medium

Kill atleast 90% of Chickens in a single chapter.

Hard-Boiled Certificate of Merit


Difficulty: Medium

Don't die in a single chapter.

Recognition Medal of Self-Resistant


Difficulty: Easy

Don't use any Missile in a single chapter.

Conspicious "No Help" Commendation


Note: This medal didn't appear in Revenge of the Yolk.

Difficulty: Easy

Don't use Satellites in a single chapter.

Honourable "Either Brave or Stupid" Award


Difficulty: Medium (depends)

Don't collect any power-up in a single chapter (including Atomic Powerups and Presents). Only possible to obtain if you go for it. You should only do that once you have enough firepower, which should happen by the fifth chapter.

Superior Budget Thriftness Commendation Medal


Difficulty: Hard

Complete a mission without using any Missiles.

Outstanding 'One Man Army' Medal


Note: This medal didn't appear in Revenge of the Yolk.

Difficulty: Hard

Complete a mission without using any Satellites, though you're still allowed to dock them to your spaceship.

Greatest Chicken Hunter of All Time Award


Difficulty: EXTREME!

Complete a mission without dying (losing a life) once. The hardest award in the game.

Campaign Trophy


Difficulty: (depends)

Complete a mission.

There are three types of it: the bronze one (which used to be called Rookie Hero Campaign Trophy) awarded by completing a mission on Rookie, the silver one (which used to be called Veteran Chicken Hunter Campaign Trophy) on Veteran, and the golden one (which used to be called "I Eat Chickens For Breakfast!" Campaign Trophy) on Superstar Hero.