Artifacts are mechanical parts of the Humanity's Greatest Fan, which were scattered around the Milky Way by an ancient alien race to not let the device's power fall in the wrong hands.

So far they only appeared in Cluck of the Dark Side.

List of Artifacts

Three artifacts are required to build the Humanity's Greatest Fan.

Blade of Revolution


It's consisting of three circles with blades in them. It lets the fan work.

It is located within Epsilon Thalassus (Chapter 4), and it is guarded by the Jellyfish King.

Source of Power


It's a potato battery, which works as the fan's source of power.

It is located within Gamma Chthon (Chapter 6), and it is guarded by the Heart of Darkness.

Thingamajig of Vagueness


It's a button which lets you turn the fan on and off, which has its long and weird name due to the Artifact Naming Department being closed on that day.

It is located within Eta Astropelecae (Chapter 8), and it is guarded by the Ice Golem.