The Blade of Revolution, one of the Artifacts.

Made by

Unknown alien race


Assembling the Humanity's Greatest Fan (Cluck of the Dark Side)
Selling for Keys (Universe)

First Appearance

Cluck of the Dark Side

Artifacts are objects left by unknown alien races that are scattered across the Milky Way. Some of them serve a bigger purpose, as they can be assembled to form ancient devices, such as the Humanity's Greatest Fan, while others can just be sold for Keys.

So far they only appeared in Cluck of the Dark Side, and they're planned to return in Universe.

List of Artifacts

Three artifacts have appeared so far, all parts of the Humanity's Greatest Fan.

Blade of Revolution


It consists of three fan blades. It's used to form the Humanity's Greatest Fan, specifically the fan part.

It is located within Epsilon Thalassus (Chapter 4), and it is guarded by the Jellyfish King.

Source of Power


It's a potato with wires surrounding it and an amperometer. It's used to form the Humanity's Greatest Fan, as it's its source of power.

It is located within Gamma Chthon (Chapter 6), and it is guarded by the Heart of Darkness.

Thingamajig of Vagueness


It's a simple button. It's used to form the Humanity's Greatest Fan. It's used to turn it on. At the bottom of it are instructions, presumably on how to handle it.

It is located within Eta Astropelecae (Chapter 8), and it is guarded by the Ice Golem.

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