Apple Core
Apple Core, spinning.


Boss in Ultimate Omelette.




Supernova Galaxy

First Appearance

Ultimate Omelette

Apple Core is a boss present in Ultimate Omelette. It appears at the end of the Supernova Explosion chapter, guarding the forming Black Hole.



The Apple Core has only one attack - shooting three smokey bolts at you in a row every few seconds. It can't use this attack until ~10 seconds into the fight. The LV4 Barriers that appear along with it will also attack by shooting red neutrons to the left.


It's a huge bitten apple which spins around.

The Thanksgiving edition turns it into a pumpkin while other editions don't affect it.


It is only encountered once at the end of Supernova Explosion. On its own, it has 50000 health and will give 100000 points after death. It attacks by shooting three smokey bolts at you in a row every few seconds. It is surrounded by 77 Barriers - 16 LV1s, 24 LV2s, 25 LV3s, and 12 LV4s. The LV4 Barriers are capable of attacking on their own, by shooting red neutrons to the left. The Barriers have in total 171900 health and will give in total 1123000 points, if all of them are destroyed. If you keep atleast one Barrier after the Apple Core explodes, you will receive 3 Satellites. It will also always drop an Atomic Powerup. The Apple Core itself is weak to Boron Railgun, Utensil Poker, and the Microgun. It has no strengths.


When the fight starts, focus on destroying Barriers, especially the LV4 ones, since they can attack, to clear a path to the Apple Core. It will start attacking ~10 seconds after it starts. Once enough Barriers are destroyed, focus on attacking the Core.


  • The name "Apple Core" is the internal name for this boss, while the Narrator just refers to it as the Core.
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