Alien Container
Alien Container
An Alien Container in CI5

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Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette

Alien Container is a recurring object appearing in the Chicken Invaders franchise since Ultimate Omelette which spawns Satellites after destroying (the amount of satellites spawned depending on the amount of players playing).

Ultimate Omelette

Most of the time it appears without any enemy/hazard with it, and almost every time before a boss battle (expect in the Lost in Space... and Time! chapter).But If you Kill mother alien ship you can get 1 satellite

Alien Container CI4

An Alien Container in CI4

In Wave 109 before the Chicken Multiplicity boss, two Alien Containers will appear, and in Wave 119 before the final encounter with The Egg Cannon, three will appear..

Only in the Chicken Fortification will enemies and obstacles appear with an Alien Container.

In Wave 9 after receiving a Satellite, seven Chickens will appear for you to test it on them.

Cluck of the Dark Side

Its appearance was slightly changed and the Container now appears in almost every Wave X5, and you will encounter Chickens (depending on the current chapter - Chicks, Chickens, Pilot Chickens and Metal-suit Chickens) and 12 Barriers.

Waves X5 that don't have an Alien Container wave are in the Planet chapters, however you still can receive Satellites from bosses in the areas. Wave 105 does have an Alien Container wave, but it doesn't have Barriers, instead it has Metal-suit Chickens and two Containers.

Other waves that have an Alien Container is Wave 109 with two, and Wave 119 with four.

In this game you can also obtain a satellite without destroying a container since certain bosses (Henterprise, Jellyfish, Heart of Darkness, Ice Cubed, Hen House) drop them during their battles. Their health is 5000 + (chapter number - 1) * 500